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Party Palettes

Party Palettes began as the first product launched under the parent company, Fun Along the Way. Founded by sisters Debbie and Linda, Fun Along the Way derived from a motto the two shared close to heart, "Life isn't always good, but whatever you are dealing with, you could always have fun along the way! So, in 2005, the sisters started up a lifelong dream and began their own business. Having a background in the food industry, the girls' father had been a chef in the Navy, so family gatherings had always been at the core of their upbringing.

The sisters knew they wanted to develop products that would illicit the feelings of togetherness and bring families closer through food and fun. That's when the idea of the Party Palette came along. But just a few years later in 2007, Debbie passed away after a long-fought battle with brain cancer.

While the loss of her sister was a tremendous blow to the family, Linda was inspired to continue their motto through the company they founded together. The company was officially named Fun Along the Way as a tribute to Debbie — and as a reminder that each day is precious and good.

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