Ready for some football?

We know… summer isn’t over yet! But trust us, football has begun! Go beyond team jerseys and outrageously outfit everyone for your football game-day party. Fanrageous fans bring their A-game by wearing their team’s colors head-to-toe, so be ready with face paint, wristbands and plenty of coordinating cheer gear.

Start by shopping for supplies like napkins and cups in your team’s colors. And don’t forget to decorate yourself — dress in your team’s jersey and get your game face on by painting it.

Once in the parking lot, show your spirit and help friends find you by tying helium balloons in your team’s colors to your antenna or roof rack and/or flying your team’s flag. Get a flagpole kit or, for cheapskates with a sun roof, improvise by using PVC pipe or duct-taping two broom handles together, zip-tying or taping the flag to the top of your “flagpole,” sticking the whole contraption out the sun roof and closing it most of the way to hold your makeshift flagpole in place.

Set out folding chairs and a table and decorate with team pennants and other team paraphernalia. Then put the tailgate down (assuming you have a pickup, SUV or station wagon, that is) and have a ball!

Since grilling out is a time-honored tailgate tradition, think barbecue favorites: burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw. If it’s chilly, consider bringing, well, chili (in its own cooler to keep it hot).

Kick things off with a chips-and-dip appetizer and score big with brownies or cookies (iced with team colors, of course) for dessert. And don’t forget salt, condiments and all the things you’ll need to clean up your portable feast after the party.

Feeling lazy? No referee will call out of bounds if you bring sandwiches or takeout. Don’t forget the Party Palettes! There’s no better place for the perfect plates. Who has tables in a parking lot? Usually not, so make sure your guests have a ball with the perfect tailgate accessory, Party Palettes!

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