Fall Party Ideas

A fall or harvest party is a great way to celebrate the coming of autumn. From delicious harvest vegetables to gorgeous, colorful leaves, fall is definitely a great time to throw a party to celebrate the season. Apples and pumpkins and gourds, oh my!


Get in the autumn spirit with browns, yellows and reds. Consider farm-themed decorations such as bales of hay or plates with farm animals. Collect up gourds and pumpkins, and get even more creative by creating a scarecrow. You can even do this as a party activity for the kids with some old clothing, a ratty bed sheet for the head, and stuff it with shredded newspaper.


Think “fall fair” when you’re creating recipes. Snacks can include roasted pumpkin seeds or popcorn. Homemade breads such as pumpkin or zucchini bread are sweet, autumn snacks. Have an “apple tasting” contest allowing kids to try different breeds of apple slices such as Granny Smith, Fuji, Red Delicious and more. Check local farmer’s markets for a  selection of different apples. Other great snacks include candy or caramel apples, hot dogs or sausages in celebration of Oktoberfest, and of course, apple pie or oatmeal cookies. Don;t forget to serve it all up on Party Palette sectioned plastic party plates. They are perfectly balanced to comfortably hold food and beverage all on a single plate keeping the other hand free for eating while enjoying activities.


Explore the inside of a gourd or pumpkin with your little ones. Let them feel, taste and smell the wonder of the season. Have a pumpkin seed spitting contest! Bob for apples, it’s been a while hasn’t it! Fill a wagon with hay and take your little one on a “hay ride” around the neighborhood. Create “dried apple heads”. Decorate mini pumpkins with paint. Enjoy fun wheelbarrow races. Go on a leaf collection hunt and pick ones to press into scrapbooks.

Party Favors

Dollar stores or farmer’s markets are a good place to pick up party favors. Consider straw hats, fall-themed or farm animal stickers. Pick up a bunch of mini-pumpkins or gourds as gifts, or even give homemade caramel apples. Find cute fall-themed decorations at the dollar store or the craft stores to use as party favors.

Have fun and enjoy the season!

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