“Fun Along the Way, Inc” is a family owned business built upon a concept developed by two sisters, Linda and Debbie.  In the spring of 2005, the two reminisced about a motto they had come up with years before, and one they lived by day-to-day. Their motto for life? “Life isn’t always good, but whatever you were dealing with, you could always have ‘fun along the way!’”

Linda and Debbie grew up with two older sisters and their parents. Their dad was a Navy chef – and an amazing chef at that. A military career meant the family did a lot of moving and learning and living in new places. Even though finances were generally tight, the family of six considered themselves rich with love, family, laughter, and fun!

Beyond traditional family times together, there was an abundance of adventurous living in foreign lands and experiencing different cultures and foods. When times were lean (which was usually!) the family came up with things to do that didn’t cost a lot of money, but brought back great rewards in experiences and memories.

In Hawaii that might mean a drive around the island or a day at the beach. In other locations, it was always great fun to find the best place to get hot, fresh donuts on Sunday mornings. (After all, Dad needed a cooking break once in a while!) There were card games and board games and good old-fashioned family fun. And lots of backyard barbecues! Somehow they always drew a big crowd when folks found out that Dad was cooking! It was a family that truly did seem to have “fun along the way.”

After growing up, getting married, and having families of their own, Debbie and Linda found satisfying occupations and achieved what most would consider success. However, each wanted more for their families by way of time and money. With that goal in mind, the two set out to start a business together as mom-preneurs.

Little did they know in the spring of 2005 that they would soon be tested on how well they could truly live their motto. Just one short year later, in the spring of 2006, Debbie was diagnosed with brain cancer. Debbie fought long and hard and strived every day to live the motto “fun along the way,” even in the midst of her pain and suffering. She took pleasure in the simple things – a favorite vanilla latte, a great cheeseburger, or a heavenly chocolate shake. Treasuring the comfort of family, sharing time with friends, and finding ways to laugh every day.

Debbie spent a year in and out of hospitals while enduring three brain surgeries and exhausting treatment. Through it all, whenever she and Linda would talk, Debbie would always ask Linda, “Are you having fun?” “Are you taking time for the kids?” “Are you enjoying simple pleasures?”

In June of 2007, at the age of 48 years young, Debbie passed away. It was a time when life wasn’t particularly good. But even through this difficult time, Linda remembered Debbie’s focus on having “fun.” Even in the midst of the harshest trials and tribulations, it’s amazing how sipping a cup of favorite coffee, or sharing a bottle of wine with a friend, can make all the difference in the world. Sometimes it’s purely the little things in life that bring us the most joy – and the most comfort.

To honor her sister, Linda and her family have stayed the course, formed a company, and fulfilled the dreams of both, by finishing the first in a line of products the two sisters had brain-stormed together over the years. The company was named “Fun Along the Way” as a tribute to Debbie — and as a reminder that each day is precious and good.

And the first product? It’s a fun and functional plate appropriately called the “Party Palette.” It’s a plate for social functions that conveniently holds food – and beverage – on a single plate that can be held with one hand. Growing up with a chef as a dad, it couldn’t be more fitting that the company’s first product is one that revolves around food, fun, family and friends.

Whether it be a fancy cocktail party or casual garden party, a backyard barbecue, a tailgate party to cheer on a favorite team, boating or sailing, camping or fishing – you name it. Products from Fun Along the Way help make social gatherings easy, enjoyable, convenient, functional – and FUN!

You’ll read all about the Party Palette plates on this website so the details will be covered there. Just know that this product was developed with an abundance of labor, laughter and love, and dedicated from one sister to another. It’s a way to celebrate an eternal connection – by having “fun along the way.”

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